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Q: What are the dress codes?

For the Wedding

In celebrating the Schaefer's union, we warmly invite all wedding attendees to join our wedding party in adorning elegant black attire. This collective attire choice aims to seamlessly integrate everyone into formal wedding portraits. For gentlemen, traditional black suits paired with crisp white shirts are fitting, while ladies are encouraged to embrace black evening wear, formal cocktail attire, chic pantsuits, or stylish black dresses of any length.

For the Weekend

Casual attire reigns supreme in sunny California! Anticipate delightful temperatures in the 70s during the day, with pleasant lows around 60 in the evenings. Dining dress codes vary from Very Casual during lunch to Resort Casual for dinner, making Saturday evening the only call for formalwear. For guests staying at The Lodge, it is recommended you pack a versatile wardrobe, including activewear for invigorating hikes, swimwear for leisurely dips in the pool, breezy casual resort attire for relaxed meals and a cozy layer for cooler evening temperatures.

For the Course

At Torrey Pines Golf Club, adherence to standard golf attire is required for all guests, ensuring an atmosphere of timeless elegance. Proper footwear is required for those enjoying a round of golf. Whether you bring your own clubs or opt for rentals, tee time arrangements and equipment reservations can be made by guests of The Lodge via the property concierge.

Q: May I book my own lodging elsewhere?


The Baker Family has contracted with The Lodge at Torrey Pines via their personal travel liaison to extend discounted rates and seasonal perks with preference that their guests stay on property with them to celebrate Alex, Jordan and Sloane. You are however warmly encouraged to book where you feel most comfortable and at ease!

Note that the bride and groom, along with the groom's daughter, will be residing at The Lodge throughout all weekend festivities and do not plan to travel off-property. In the spirit of their heartfelt celebration, and to ensure the utmost comfort for the groom's young daughter amidst the joyous whirlwind of wedding preparations, the Bakers warmly ask guests consider joining them at The Lodge. This gesture primarily aims to minimize transitions for a most cherished child with sensory sensitivities, and allows everyone to gather easily and often to fully immerse themselves in the love and warmth of this special occasion.

Q: May I golf at Torrey Pines Golf Club?

On-property Guests

As guests of The Lodge, you are graciously granted the privilege of indulging in rounds of golf on the renowned greens during your stay. Given protective restrictions for tee times amidst busier holiday weekends, we encourage you to secure your tee time promptly through the club’s concierge services. Upon confirming your stay, dial 858-453-4420 at your earliest convenience to arrange and confirm your preferred tee time(s).

Off-property Guests

For those not taking residence at The Lodge yet yearning to experience the splendor of playing Torrey Pines, special arrangements are necessary. Reach out to the bride directly to discuss the possibility of securing an invitation to a group tee time with on-property guests.

Q: Is this a child-friendly weekend?

The Lodge

The Schaefers eagerly anticipate creating family memories with their guests, and look forward to being surrounded by your beloved children. The hospitality of The Lodge extends warmly to little ones, with delightful daily activities such as scavenger hunts, timeless lawn games, and captivating nature-inspired workshops brimming with arts and crafts. With a picturesque pool and an array of outdoor adventures like biking and hiking trails, there's no shortage of excitement to keep your youngsters happily engaged should they be accompanying your stay.

The Wedding

We kindly request your understanding that, with the exception of the children named in the Schaefer's formal wedding party, children under 18 are regrettably unable to partake in the formal wedding ceremony and evening reception on Saturday, July 6th. We encourage thoughtful planning and arrangements for childcare ahead of time. For those traveling with their children and staying at The Lodge, rest assured that our property offers a trusted childcare partnership with Sitterwise. Through this partnership, you can tailor a childcare experience complete with an evening adventure, a specially curated dinner, and a personalized bedtime routine. To arrange this service, reach out to The Lodge's dedicated concierge line at 858-453-4420.

Is this a dog-friendly weekend?

Dogs are welcomed at The Lodge. Your dog is permitted to join you nearly anywhere on property, with the only known exceptions being the pool, the golf greens, and the formal wedding events.

Should we bring our gift or mail it directly?

The bride and groom have intentionally selected Zola to streamline the gift-giving process, ensuring a seamless experience. Once you place your gift order, the Schaefers will be promptly notified, and your heartfelt contribution will be delivered directly to their new home in San Diego. To maintain harmony in gift delivery, the Schaefers kindly request that all gifts be ordered exclusively through their Zola registry page and shipped via Zola.

In the event you don't locate a specific item that resonates with you on their Zola registry page, the newlyweds kindly ask you opt for a Zola giftcard in lieu of a gift sent outside of their registry. This option allows the Schaefer family to apply a gift of any amount towards their specific registry items, which have been thoughtfully selected for their new home together. For your convenience, giftcard options are readily available at the bottom of the couple's registry page.